In a box suffocating  and surprisingly loving it.

Nide Z. Stannard    

July 20, 2015 

My intention–also my New Year ‘s resolution– was to blog weekly for the entire year. Three months in, sadly, I really got bored and uninspired. My blog topics seemed heavily encompassed by my own personal opinions and perceptions, that started to bore me. I value my opinions of course  but I would rather write content that is thoroughly researched even if it’s presented as fictional.  I journal daily and have gathered various material however, with all this material I have, I can’t seem to commit to a medium I’m comfortable with.

History, a lack-luster subject to me in high school and college, made an unforeseen return and I have found a new appreciation of it as an adult. Every story should have a little historical truth to it, at least I think so. It has also been a struggle to delve deep within me and release the inner writer.

 Aware of the insecurities that bullied me, I constructed a plan to avoid any and all desires to start my “book” project. I acquired new skills and knowledge in photography and animation, illustrated some artwork, painted, attempted to draw and even tried a new outlook on life. Yet every night, when I place that final period at the end of my journal entry, I feel unfulfilled. I feel stuck, yet the insistent desire burrowing my “soul” whispers sweetly: “You can do it Nide!”  I believe that sweet fucker too!


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