Millenials X Are Here To Stay

By: Nide Zimemo Stannard 

After many long and tiresome nights of research, I’m still confused on where I fit-in in the generational chart. I won’t give away my age but I used to be able to memorize 10-digit telephone numbers for multiple friends–now I hardly remember my spouses number.

The chart below represents what seems to be the five phases of Generation X. The first generation to value the balance between working smarter and not harder while enjoying the luxuries of life without feeling guilty. The generation that believes they can achieve anything and most likely will–if they put their mind to it. The first technology generation that can’t live without dvr.

Image credit: 10/19/2015

Are the differences really generational or is it a generation’s life cycle? I find myself at the cusp of Gen X and Millenials though I have subjectively skipped any generation studies that list me under Millenials. I find that I posses attributes from both, yet ashamed of one of them.

No matter how you feel about Gen Y aka Millenials aka Me Generation aka Selfie Generation, they are here to stay and they view the world in a much different perspective. They will rule the world. Let’s be nice to them–we’ll need them to take care of us in our old age. Always remember you were once dumb and inexperienced.


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