Almost does count–With 21 days to spare!


By Nide Zimemo Stannard 

It’s been ten months since I started this blog. I know at times my stories seem to be all over the place–sadly I know. 

When I began very early in the year, I was intent on making 52 blogs (as in, 52 weeks of 2015). Life happens as always. With our business, school homework and those damn early Saturday drives to his dad’s house –180 miles return trip– We are doing good on the non-suicidal school.

Today I just breezed through my  blog insights and I am on blog 25. Today is December 10th! As I stress to accomplish this goal, let me indulge you in my household humor and shenanigans. Two lesbians raising a young man in a world too opinionated for its own good!

Please share some of the funniest intimate moments in your relationship with your partner.