About A year ago

To find myself trapped in my house after my car accident, I had to find ways to keep myself entertained. I read library books, taught myself animation assisted by a software, started canvas painting, and took photography. This is the very blog I created; A Quagmire of Contradictions that saved me from a winding down spiral of depression. But, before I started blogging, I journaled daily, hourly to be precise.

My goal in the beginning of 2015 was to post a blog per day. I tapped out at blog number twenty three. This is because my focus shifted with each lonely day and I finally had my eureka moment: what to do with my life once I learned how to walk again.

I opened up a business, a medical supplies and equipment store. Please visit my store at: Stannard Medical Supplies & Equipment to view our catalog.

My goal is to share my story and how I was able to climb up and out from the bottom of a dark and deep barrel to a place of positivity.

Nide Zimemo Stannard